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Trinity Court

Trinity Court, Stockton Brook

In 1996 Moorland Nursery School bought Trinity Court. Former Stockton Brook Chapel had stood empty since the 1980s and, after substantial restoration and refurbishment, Moorland Nursery School took up residence in January 1997.

Stockton Brook was chosen as an ideal location for the children of Endon, Brown Edge and Bagnall. Trinity Court is within easy reach of Leek and Stoke-on-Trent, being half way between these conurbations and on the main road.

Trinity Court provided Moorland Nursery School with opportunity to expand. The building has unique character, spacious classrooms and access to Endon High School's playing field.

Educational sessions were made available in the afternoons as well as the mornings, allowing the nursery school to match the operating times of the local primary schools.

A unit was established to provide care for younger children (aged 2-3 years). TC Tigers is an intimate extension of the nursery school, preparing younger children for early years education.

Moorland Nursery School continued to offer term-time sessions only. To address a need for high quality childcare, TC Club was introduced to provide seamless childcare before & after school and during school vacations.

In July 1998 TC Club was extended to provide out of school and holiday care to a greater range of children. TC Club's services were made available to older siblings of the nursery school children. Demand for TC Club sessions soon led to provision being made for all primary school children, regardless of links with the nursery school.

A "before & after tour" of Trinity Court's refurbishment will be available soon.

Trinity Court

Learn about our move to Trinity Court in January 1997.

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