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Meet the site design team

Internet legend Surfin Murfin

The brains behind Trinity Court's website is Carl "Surfin" Murfin. When Carl isn't riding waves off the Eastern coast of Australia he fronts his multi billion dollar internet enterprise from California's Silicon Valley. Carl holds the browsing speed record, sustaining an impressive 11 mouse clicks per second over a nine hour period.

Surfin Murfin's Finance Team at work

Every leader needs a dedicated team to bring a plan to fruition. Monetary considerations were obviously important and Carl's finance people did the math(s?) to ensure the site could be put together within the constraints of Trinity Court's $29.99 annual marketing budget.  With a bit of creative accounting the finances were finally sorted (nothing illegal, they just pressed the yellow and blue buttons at the same time).

High brow market research in progress

Detailed market research began. Having checked out the competition, Carl's marketing team emailed questionnaires to every parent in the land before reporting their findings. The results were conclusive: parents have never visited nor will ever visit www.trinitycourt.co.uk. The creative juices of our genius flowed; he had free reign!

The all important "link map"

Spider diagrams, flowcharts, 4 dimensional models and Sticklebricks flew about the office. Within 20 minutes the architecture was set; within an hour the first 15 pages were uploaded; by lunchtime www.trinitycourt.co.uk returned a top 5 result in every search engine. Carl's work was done. His creation was complete. The inevitable handover to Trinity Court's internal marketing department occurred...

...they, and they alone, were to take full responsibility for keeping the new site up to date (oh dear!).

For a slightly more serious look at things (or for some mildly technical stuff) go here: Site structure

About our website

Learn a little about our site designers and the architecture of the site.

Site Structure

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