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Password protected pages

Some pages of Trinity Court's website are password protected. A user-name and password are required to access these resources.

The current user-name and password is posted on the notice-board in Trinity Court's entrance hall. You can, if you prefer, contact us and we will provide you with the relevant details.

Please note:

  • The password is changed periodically. If you find yourself unable to access a protected page please check that you have the most up-to-date information.
  • Both the password and user-name are cASE SEnsitivE. "A" is not the same as "a"! [User-names are stored in the database in the following formats: "user", "User" and "USER". There is no such tolerance with passwords which must be supplied in the correct format!]

What is protected?

On the whole, password protection is applied to photographs. The small, low resolution images that pepper the site are free for all to view. These almost always link to larger images at a much higher resolution. It is the higher resolution photographs of our current children that are often protected.

In addition, a small number of documents (such as detailed policies) are protected. These documents have been created from scratch and received a vast amount of thought and time. Protection of these is purely to reduce "cut-and-paste plagiarism"!

Is password protection necessary?

In honesty, no. Every photograph posted on the site is reviewed very carefully before being uploaded. No names or personally identifiable details are attached and the potential for their misuse is extremely limited indeed. 

For some reason though, it seems reassuring to have a level of control over access to the site. This, perhaps, is tantamount to censorship of the web which is almost certainly a bad way for it to progress. We feel, however, that the circumstances justify the approach and are optimistic that the tedium of remembering / typing passwords won't be overwhelming. We also hope that the low resolution images will allow prospective parents sufficient information to develop a flavour of Trinity Court. Perhaps you could tell us if you disagree?

Is the system flawless?

Of course not. In theory, every user of the site could have their own user credentials. Photographs could then be accessible only to their subjects (and their parents).

So what would happen where a photograph has two or more subjects? Who is allowed to look at it?? And, when you come to collect Jim Junior this afternoon, are you allowed to peer through the window of the classroom at the other group members??? And, of course, what's to stop you posting your user-name and password on your "blog"???? We'll leave you to conclude the argument... !

What the system does do is limit website access, to some extent, to members of our local community. Since Trinity Court is a local community resource this seems appropriate.

What is our photograph policy?

Excepting the addition of a digital camera to our arsenal, our policy about photographs has remained unchanged since 1982:

Trinity Court uses a digital camera to take hundreds of photographs each year! A comprehensive photographic record is useful for many reasons.

  • Photos allow parents (and other carers) a glimpse of daily life at Trinity Court.
  • They provide colourful displays for the children to enjoy.
  • They give children an opportunity to explore their history (looking at past events and friends)
  • Photos provide Ofsted inspectors with evidence of the range of activities we undertake.
  • Photographs are good for communicating with prospective parents, allowing insight into life at Trinity Court.
  • We are nostalgic and thoroughly enjoy leafing through our (electronic) photo albums!
  • They are excellent memory joggers for us (…how did we do that last time???).

Photographs form part of everyday life at Trinity Court. They are displayed within the building and sometimes used in documents that we release for parents, our staff and Ofsted. Full names (or other personally identifiable details) are never attached to photographs.

We will not undertake to avoid taking photographs of specific children. If you would prefer that your child's face was obscured in any we take this can be achieved easily (digitally). If this is the case, please make your wishes known to the Business Manager. During some significant events involving parents (e.g. our Christmas Concert), cameras or video cameras are often used by those attending. If you prefer that your child does not participate in such events, again, please make that fact known.

Comments or criticisms?

If you have opinions about password protection, be they positive or negative, please let us know.

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Some elements of Trinity Court's site are protected by passwords.

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