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Trinity Court's Newsletter - Summer 2006

Longsuffering members of our parental cohort will be interested to learn that academic terms have not, in fact, been getting longer. A few "technical difficulties" have beset our publications division, reducing the frequency of our Termly Newsletter to something along the lines of a triennial.

Action Man's Scorpion Tank

Last weekend saw a dramatic turn of events following a Spring clearout of the toys cupboard at the editorial offices. Having bade a tearful farewell to Action Man's Scorpion Tank, the Millennium Falcon and the TCR track, the editorial hierarchy retired to the comfort of the local hostelry for a quiet game of Bridge.

During Saturday night the Editor in Chief endured a restless sleep, waking seven times to scribble notes on the back of his bed-side cabinet. The full severity of the situation dawned with the morning. Realising that the introduction of the "Summer 2006 Newsletter" was almost complete, a frantic search for the missing Writer's Block began. On Sunday afternoon our trainee typesetter admitted, with judicious reluctance, that he had dropped a large lump of polished timber into the Wood Skip at the local recycling centre (this being the new name for the "tip"). By this point the damage was done: four sections were written and a very amusing joke was in the pipeline.

Mercifully, during Sunday's final, finger-tip search of the recycling centre, our joke writer bruised his funny bone on the corner of the paperbank. Readers may be assured that the majority of jokes contained in this edition are virtually indistinguishable from those elements written in "all seriousness".


One of the many, varied and implausible excuses for the recent dearth of newsletters is that of our website.

Carl "Surfin" Murfin

During the past 6 months our site has received a radical overhaul and the new format has been "live" for the past 12 weeks. So far the makeover seems to have been received very well. Analysis of our web traffic indicates that a number of people have already visited the site and neither of them have made negative comments (yet). This is praise indeed for Carl "Surfin" Murfin, head of our site design team who invested so much time and expertise in the project.

The new site is intended to be a little more "organic" than the previous version and updates are planned to occur every 4 – 6 weeks. These will focus around the News section which gives insight into what we've all been getting up to.

Password protected pages

Photos are a colourful, entertaining and informative medium and we include as many as possible on the site. The low resolution "thumbnails" link to higher resolution versions; to view many of the larger images you will need a user-name and password. These details are available on the notice board in Trinity Court's entrance (or can be obtained by making contact with us by phone or email). More about passwords...

Newsletter archives

This publication (and past presentations) are available in the News section.

TC Tigers

TC Tigers in action

The Rainbow Room is ticking over rather well and, as is often the case, we are running at maximum capacity for the majority of sessions. Most importantly, the children are enjoying themselves (which is what it's all about). New session bookings currently extend in to the Autumn of 2007. Positive as this is, it does put something of a kibosh on the Newsletter Team's highly improbable plan for very early retirement!

Thanks to the many who are waiting so patiently for additional sessions: we are doing our utmost to accommodate. Your tolerance, continued support and recommendations are, as ever, very much appreciated.

Nursery School

Well Dressing

A wave of panic engulfed the nursery school during the middle of May when we realised Endon's Well Dressing had made a stealthy, but rapid approach. The grey skies, lashing rain and floods should, of course, have given some clues!

For those who are unaware, Moorland Nursery School's children collaborate to produce their own clay based collage and, on completion, their effort is displayed proudly in its regular spot near to the Well in Endon. We have shared this tradition with Endon village since 1984 and (despite the frantic rush to get ready) we participated with great enthusiasm, once again.

Our picture is ready to display!

This year's masterpiece was entitled "Ladybird". If you didn't make it to the Well over the Bank Holiday Weekend (or even if you did) you can see photographs of the construction process and the finished work of art here.

May Day Dancing (Endon Hall)

As part of their May celebrations Endon Hall Primary School traditionally present a performance of May Dancing for family and friends. We were pleased to accept their invitation and a group of Moorland Nursery School's older children visited the school on Friday 5th May. It was fun to see many of our former pupils entertaining the crowd and a member of our group reported, with great enthusiasm, that she had thoroughly enjoyed the "pole dancing"!

Grant Funding

The Early Years Education Grant funding scheme was reviewed from the Summer term 2006 and now provides financial assistance for 38 weeks of the academic year. Previously, the funding covered just 33 weeks (three terms at 11 weeks each) and the revision increases the value of the funding by around 15%.

The review will be welcome news for parents of the nursery school; grant funding now offers up to £1580 per annum to all children (regardless of household income) from the term after their third birthday. More about funding...


As ever, the Summer term is proving an action packed period of the year. Children are developing exceptionally well and the older members of the group are making excellent progress towards their transition to primary school in September.

Recent topics have included the Chinese New Year, Dinosaurs, May Day celebrations and Endon Well Dressing. During the second half of the Summer term we will be exploring animals, their homes and habitats. We have plans for a couple of trips out (with the older members of the nursery school class) and will communicate dates, times and details as plans take more shape.


Our display case of reptilian replicas

The dinosaurs have been occupying the "froggery" very comfortably for the past few months. Unfortunately, they have been served an eviction order; the glass tank will soon be required as the ever growing tadpoles prepare to metamorphose. This provides further support for Shadforth’s revolutionary, if somewhat controversial "Frog Theory" of dinosaur extinction.

Last year, greenfly proved hugely successful at satisfying our growing frogs' voracious appetites for live prey – be forewarned that a strange request may be issued a little later in the term!

TC Club

TC Club is thriving and a recent influx of members has transformed an already vibrant club into one that is bursting at the seams on many days.

The availability of Before & After School sessions in the Autumn 2006 is expected to be limited. Our nursery school leavers should, by now, know which primary school they are heading for in the new academic year. If you will need a TC Club place and have not already approached us please do so as soon as possible.

Holiday Club

Holiday Club is blooming (along with Trinity Court's weeds) and bookings during the recent Summer half term vacation were 25% higher than our previous busiest (very busy) week!

Availability of Occasional Sessions during the vacations (especially the six week holiday) may be limited. If you expect to make use of Occasional Sessions during the vacations, you would be wise to have a backup plan ready in case we are unable to accommodate specific sessions.

TC Club's trip to Conkers

Our rather hastily organised excursions to Hack Green Bunker, The Regent Theatre and Conkers were received very well by TC Club's older children (age 7+). We are working on the excursion schedule for the Summer vacation and will make details known as soon as we have them.


Trinity Court's car park can become busy at peak periods and this is especially so during the Summer term. Session start times for Moorland Nursery School (09:00) and our TC Tigers (09:15) are staggered in an attempt to alleviate congestion but busy periods of the day remain.

Please be considerate, parking as close as possible to other vehicles and at right angles to the main road. If you find it necessary to obstruct others, please remain with your vehicle until a space becomes available. This helps traffic flow by releasing spaces more quickly.


Please remember that all children (including TC Club) need a pair of soft, non-marking shoes when they are at Trinity Court.

Name labels are especially important during the Summer term when layers are peeled off with the warmer weather. It is almost inevitable that items will, at some time, be left at Trinity Court or follow the wrong owner home. Tracing items is virtually impossible if clothes, hats, shoes, bags, (children?!) etc. are not clearly marked with their owner's name.

Thank yous

Our resources expand continually as toy-chests across the region are cleared of redundant clutter; we have been bestowed gifts galore and would like to thank those responsible for filling our cupboards with goodies! We know who you are and thank you for your generosity!

Diary Dates

  • Monday 17th July 2006 - Parents' evening (nursery school & TC Tigers)
  • Friday 21st July - Last day of Summer term (nursery school)
  • Monday 24th July - Summer vacation begins (TC Club)
  • Monday 28th August - August Bank Holiday (Establishment Closed)
  • Monday 4th September - Last day of holiday club (TC Club)
  • Tuesday 5th September - Autumn term commences (nursery school)

If you have requested correspondence via email this newsletter has been sent to the address that we have on file. To add, remove or amend your details (or to pass any comments) please make contact.

2006-06-02 (ISO date format)

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