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Trinity Court's Newsletter - Spring 2009

Good grief: it’s a newsletter! Having scraped the dust from our printing press, a liberal squirt of WD40 was all that was needed to get the wheels in motion.

Believe it or not (the latter being recommended) Trinity Court’s last newsletter caused quite a commotion when it hit the shelves. Our entrance hall resembled John Lewis on the first day of the sales. Zealous parents converged on the pile of paper beneath the "please collect" notice, clamouring for a copy of the prestigious publication. "I’ve got two" proclaimed Mrs Snooks carelessly before being bowled over and relieved of each by the unruly mob.

Trinity Court’s newsletter had bucked the downward trend of the broadsheets but, sadly, had become a victim of its own success. Despite vigorous protests by the editorial team, our Public Relations Director appreciated the ethical implications. With social responsibility in mind, he took the decision to suspend the newsletter until the behaviour of the readership improved.

A Caribbean beach

This year’s parental cohort are, of course, a particularly mild mannered bunch. With the Public Relations Director despatched to a Caribbean island on annual leave, Trinity Court’s news team decided to slip a surreptitious publication through the back doors of the publishing plant. So, you finally have a copy in your hand. But wait a minute, something’s not quite right; what was all the fuss about last time? Surely this tale of unrest couldn’t be a smoke-screen, a cover-up? Editorial incompetence couldn’t underlie the recent lack of newsletters… could it?! Err…

TC Tigers

We are pleased to report that forward bookings for our TC Tigers extend well into 2010, making Christmas seem a little too close for comfort!

Activities in our Rainbow Room

The unit has been exceptionally busy during the past few months. We know a number of you have accepted rather inconvenient attendance patterns while awaiting sessions and thank you for your patience. The pressure on places eases a little from the second half of the Summer term when a significant number of our TC Tigers move into the Nursery School group. If you would like any alteration in attendance please let us know (if you haven’t already) and we’ll make every effort to accommodate.

Nursery School

Spring is an optimistic time of the year and it seems especially welcome this year after such a chilly winter. The snowdrops have already been replaced by crocuses and it is nice to see the daffodils making a tentative appearance in Trinity Court’s garden. As we watch our garden begin to bloom we also enjoy seeing our nursery school children grow in confidence, many of them preparing for primary school at the end of the academic year.

Construction work in our Nursery School!

The Summer term 2009 will be very busy for the nursery school and session attendance is set to hit a record high. Many sessions are, in fact, at maximum capacity during June and July. From previous experience, parents often increase attendance in readiness for primary school. We have limited availability in some sessions and if you need additional sessions during the final term please let us know as soon as possible.

Grant Funding

Funded Sessions for Three & Four Year Olds

It’s encouraging that most parents now seem aware of the Government’s funding assistance for three & four year old children’s early years education fees. This scheme provides up to five nursery education sessions free of charge during each week of term time. Funded sessions are offered to children from the term after their third birthday and are available regardless of family income. The scheme is due to be extended from 2010 with additional sessions being offered. There are a limited number of areas piloting the increased entitlement now; unfortunately (and unsurprisingly) ours is not among them.

Childcare for Learning

The “Free Childcare for Training and Learning for Work” scheme is aimed at out-of-work parents with a partner who’s in work. It could provide up to £175 per child per week to help with childcare costs. To qualify, family income must be £20,000 or less and courses attended must develop new skills that could lead to a job. Ask us for further information or have a look at the direct.gov website.

TC Club

TC Club after school session

Our children enjoyed an action packed half term vacation during February and TC Club’s term time sessions are both lively and well attended. Primary school admission decisions are due any time soon. There are relatively few TC Club leavers at the end of the current academic year; while places will be released at most schools on most days there may be sessions that are difficult to achieve. If you will need TC Club sessions when your child starts primary school in the Autumn please remember to plan ahead and check availability once you’ve received your admission decision. TC Club runs a school drop-off/ pick-up service at Endon Hall, St Luke’s, Greenways & Hillside.


During the Summer we arrange weekly excursions for TC Club’s older holiday club children (aged seven and up). This season’s excursion calendar opens during the first week of the Easter break. With the end of the Spring term looming we admit we’ve yet to decide the days, times or locations of our Easter trips! In the past we’ve had a number of excellent venue suggestions from parents; any additional help will be well received.

Our Staff Team

We are delighted to welcome Miss Andrea Platt onto Trinity Court’s staff team. At this point TC Club members have cause for alarm. In the dim and distant days of 1997 Miss Platt was among TC Club’s cohort, proving the difficulty of escaping our clutches! While new to a permanent post, Miss Platt is a familiar face at Trinity Court. She joined us for work experience during the first year of her Childcare Diploma at Leek College and has returned on many occasions to provide welcome holiday cover.

Another failed TC Club escapee is "Miss Fiona" who left our holiday club in 2003 and now attends Endon High School. "Miss Fiona" intends pursuing a teaching career and, with that in mind, is participating with our nursery school sessions on Wednesdays as part of an extended curriculum (work experience).


Too many things have happened since our last newsletter to list them all. While not new news, two noteworthy achievements are the completion of the Early Years Foundation Degree by Mrs Parton and Mrs Chadwick. We congratulate them both on their success!


A poorly chosen parking space!

As we approach the busiest time of Trinity Court’s year our car park will, inevitably, become congested on occasions. One measure intended to ease the load on the car park is the staggering of our session start times. Unless an Ante (early morning session) is booked, children of the nursery school group may attend from 09:00 and those of our TC Tigers from 09:15. As mentioned above, you are a responsible cohort this year; while there are relatively few transgressions it seems an appropriate point for a general reminder!

Please be considerate, parking as close as possible to other vehicles and at right angles to the main road. If you need to obstruct others, please wait with your vehicle until a space becomes available. This helps traffic flow by releasing spaces more quickly.

Active Kids Vouchers

You’ll be aware from the banner lashed to the car park’s perimeter fence that we are participating in Sainsbury’s Active Kids Voucher scheme once again. Last year’s collection was an impressive 1895 vouchers. Parents contributed at least half of these, the remainder being accrued when our proof reading department moved its red wine contract from Oddbins for the duration of the Spring term. [That woud expalain the tpyos, then]

While we wouldn’t be comfortable influencing your shopping patterns, "Good food costs less at Sainsbury’s" so if you don’t shop there "Try something new today": it could end up "Making life taste better" (groan!). More seriously, if you have any Active Kids Vouchers up for grabs they’d be much appreciated. The collection box is tending to live in our hall since the children enjoy posting the vouchers! Please pass vouchers to a member of staff and we’ll make sure they find their way to the box.


The A53 seems to suffer more than its fair share of roadworks as it wends its way though Endon and Stockton Brook. The current sewer repairs are scheduled to conclude around the end of the Easter vacation and can be expected to cause further chaos in the interim.

A major resurfacing venture is being considered for this section of road during the Summer vacation 2009. While welcome, if this comes to fruition it will, undoubtedly, cause considerable disruption. We will report more details if we have them.


A quick scan of our newsletter archive confirms the topic of Fish has not graced our News Pages before.

An anatomically correct goldfish - honestly!

Last year we inherited some goldfish from the father of one of our 1982 cohort. These settled very comfortably into Trinity Court’s pond and spawned during the Summer. An unexpected number of tiddlers made it through the Autumn and we hoped, with unfounded optimism, that the cold winter would thin their number.

If you have a pond and would like to provide a loving home for a goldfish (or several) please let us know. We’d prefer they didn’t end up in a bowl on top of your fridge but if you didn’t tell, we wouldn’t ask!

Classifieds (Property Section)

The last time our next-door-neighbour put their house on the market we were inundated with offers for Trinity Court. It’s a sign of the woes in the housing market that we’ve yet to be approached this time! Needless to say, Trinity Court is not for sale and the sign belongs to the property behind. We like to think we’re reasonable neighbours; if you’d like to cut your journey to Trinity Court to around 30 paces we’ll put you in touch with the vendors!

Thank yous

During the last few months we have been lucky to receive gifts of unwanted books, toys and furniture. Your kind donations are much appreciated and we thank you. Without intending to imply your offerings are insufficient, if you have wheeled, outdoor toys destined for the garage in the sky they would be received very gratefully! Our tearaway drivers have a habit of wearing the wheels off our cars & trikes!

Finally, we would like to thank you all for your continued support and recommendations.

Diary Dates

  • Sunday 22nd March 2009 - Mothering Sunday (don’t forget chaps!)
  • Friday 3rd April - Last day of Spring term (nursery school)
  • Monday 6th April - Easter vacation begins (TC Club)
  • Friday 10th April - Good Friday (Establishment Closed)
  • Monday 13th April - Easter Monday (Establishment Closed)
  • Monday 20th April - Summer term commences (nursery school)

If you have requested correspondence via email this newsletter has been sent to the address that we have on file. To add, remove or amend your details (or to pass any comments) please make contact.


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