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TC Club Trip to Conkers (2006)

Although the "forwardness of planning" has left a little to be desired, TC Club's older children have enjoyed fun holiday club excursions this year.

During the Summer half term vacation we visited Conkers, a feature packed environmental discovery centre near Burton on Trent.

Thankfully, the weather was just right and we spent most of the day exploring the extensive outdoor obstacle courses. Unfortunately, time ran away and disaster struck with news there was no time for the shop! Needless to say, the trip was perilously close to being judged a total failure!!

Longer arms and legs required! A helping hand with a tricky ascent A rope bridge

Another rope bridge Zip line Hold on tight

Erm, yeah: another rope bridge Dr. Dean's research facility Hands-on environmental discovery indoors

Conkers was well worth a visit, especially for the older children of the group (10+). We will plan to return (allocating a little more time for the all-important retail experience!).

2006-06-08 (ISO format)

Conkers, May 2006

TC Club's excursion to Conkers during the Summer Half Term break.

Proof that bats have fashion sense


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