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During the second half of the Spring term we have been following everyone's favourite theme... dinosaurs, of course!

Nursery School and TC Club children making dinosaurs TC Club and Nursery School children making dinosaurs Making models: nursery and TC Club collaborating

When egg-boxes ruled the earth! TC Club and Nursery School children have collaborated to produce these rather spectacular models (which are still in the paint-shop at the moment).

Fossilised remains of our former business manager Our dinosaur tank! So this is what tadpoles turn in to???

And you thought our tank was only used for tadpoles (coming soon, by the way). Luckily, pteranodon has yet to spot the fact there is no lid!

Stegosaurus Diplodocus

From models to role-play to art-work. Dinosaurs have spanned the nursery school and TC Club day. The pictures here have been made with good old fashioned sticky-backed plastic cut into shapes. They will be displayed on the wall soon (so remember to pop in and have a look).

2006-03-06 (ISO format)


You can't do better than the good old dinosaurs. As ever, this theme has captivated the children of the nursery & TC Club (as well as our staff)!

Dinosaur Links

kidsdomain (their dinosaur department). If you are prepared to rummage there is content here that would be suitable for either TC Club or nursery children.

enchantedlearning A large catalogue of dinosaurs with descriptions for older children. Younger children would have fun colouring in the line drawings.

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