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Easter Vacation 2006

April 2006 was almost certainly TC Club's busiest Easter vacation and provided scope for a very lively and entertaining holiday period.

Easter collages in the making Easter craft activities Easter holiday creative activities

Activities were too many to list but included plenty of art and craft work linked with an Easter theme. In addition, TC Club's older children participated in two excursions.

Hack Green Bunker

During the first week of the Easter holidays a group of TC Club's older children visited Hack Green "Secret" bunker near Nantwich.

TC Club taking charge of the region A quick natter with Downing Street Monitoring the flight paths of incoming swans

In this era of global instability the threat of terrorist action looms. In the event that a "dirty bomb" is triggered in the Nantwich area (a high priority target) there is no cause for alarm. TC Club's children have received extensive training; they will rise to the challenge, retreating to the safety of their underground bunker and governing the region. A reassuring thought, we're sure you'll agree?

A dark bunker is not an ideal background for photographs. The three selected were the best we could manage!

Regent Theatre: backstage tour

TC Club's excursion during the second week of the vacation was to the Regent Theatre in Hanley.

TC Club in a rather dark orchestral pit! The Stage Manager's console Setting out the props for this afternoon's show

This trip was of particular interest to the author who is known to dabble in "am-dram" from time-to-time. The facilities on offer, the technological wizardry available and the sheer scale of the operation make a stark contrast with Longsdon Amateur Dramatic Society. I will be writing to the Regent and suggesting improvements they could make... !

Unfortunately, once again, lack of light rather reduced the quality of pictures.

2006-05-02 (ISO format)

Easter 2006

Happy Easter from all of us at TC Club!



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