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Hallowe'en 2006

The October half term vacation would not be complete if it didn't culminate in one of Mrs Chadwick's legendry Hallowe'en parties.

Some ghoulish party goers Ghastly goings on Ghoulish games

This year the range of costumes really impressed! Thank you all for making such a fantastic effort.

Pass the pumpkin? Pin the heart on the Business Manager Lunch (looking precariously close to a premature return!)

Just as the seasonal games were over Mr Shadforth emerged, bleary eyed, from the kitchen. Stepping into the sunlight for the first time in 72 hours, he announced that the party buffet was finally ready to serve.

The Party Buffet Party Costumes Is it over yet?

Thank you all for making the party such a success. Hang on to the costumes - we'll see you the same time next year!

2006-10-31 (ISO format)

Hallowe'en Party

See pictures of our Hallowe'en Party during the October half term holiday.

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