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Moorland Nursery School's Nativity Concert (2006)

Despite Mrs Shadforth's fears (for the 24th year running) that this would be Moorland Nursery School's most disastrous Nativity Concert ever (and we mean EVER) the event was, of course, another resounding success!

Having squeezed 21 vehicles on to Trinity Court's tarmac, our car park attendant grabbed his Brownie and jockeyed for the perfect photographic position.

Bells-a-jinglin' Our little angels in full song Our Show Stopper: "When Santa got stuck up the chimney"

Disappointingly, trouble with the crowd (or rather the sheer size of the crowd) meant relatively few pictures could be taken! If you have any you would like to share please forward them and we'll post them on the site.



Catch a glimpse of our nativity performance, 2006.

Mary and Joseph making a hasty exit past the adoring crowd!


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