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New look for Trinity Court's website!

During the Spring of 2006 Moorland Nursery School & TC Club's website received a makeover.

The design you see before you is built to be quicker, slicker, prettier and more search engine friendly than the last one. Most importantly, it is easier to keep updated (assisted by the introduction of ADSL broadband to Endon's telephone exchange in 2005). It is deliberately compact which will, we hope, make navigation reasonably intuitive.

We intend the news section being the "fun" bit of the site. This will contain a whole host of photos and items of interest so you can see what we're up to during the day.


At March 2006 we are still "teething". If you find typos or dead links (or even get whisked to an unexpected location) please tell us!

Of course, our site is really your site. If you don't like it let us know and we'll try and get it tuned a little!

Any proud parent can tolerate some positive feedback. Nice comments will be greeted with modest enthusiasm - and ensure we know to keep doing it!

More details

If you want to meet the design team visit "our site" in the "about us" section of the website. If you are technically inclined you can link to details of how the thing is strung together ('though if you really are technically inclined you'll have got that sorted by now anyway).

(9th March 2006)

New website

Trinity Court's brand new site is launched during the Spring of 2006!

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