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Visit from above (2006)

Having started so positively, the News section of Trinity Court's new site has not generated prolific content of late.

Lightning stike (though not the same bolt that hit us!)

Here at News HQ we have a plethora of weird and wonderful excuses primed for such occasions; July's lightning strike rates as one of the more dramatic offerings. The bolt from the blue scrambled our computer systems, obliterated the alarm and came perilously close to barbecuing our resident handyman who happened to be on the roof at the time.

On finally completing the insurance claim, the author, wishing never to speak to Norwich Union again, settled down for a quiet day shovelling rubble in the (developing) sensory garden.

As Sam Cullingworth's paraglider skimmed Trinity Court's roof, the thought of filling in a claim form for "paraglider strike" brought palpitations. Thankfully, Sam seemed to have his landings pretty well sorted, coming to a graceful halt 100 metres from TC Club's admiring crowd on the playing field.

TC Club's children with Sam

After being plied with coffee and biscuits, Sam kindly agreed to stop for a chat. He had started his journey about 30km away on Mam Torr near Castleton and (though we didn't get a ride) we learnt some fascinating facts about paragliding!

In case you are in the market for a set of "Niviuk N-Gravity" wings, you're in luck. Sam runs a company called Surface to Air Merchandise: on mention of our superior biscuits we're sure he'll do you a fair deal!

2006-08-08 (ISO date)


On Monday 7th August we had an unexpected visit as Sam Cullingworth dropped in (quite literally)!


This may or may not be Sam - but the sky here is never that blue and Trinity Court is not below.

We weren't quick enough with the camera so pinched this photo from Sam's website instead!

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