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Endon Well Dressing (2007)

In this, our "silver season", reality has dawned. Moorland Nursery School's children have been participating with Endon's Well Dressing Festival for 24 years (our first venture being in May 1983, 8 months after we opened our doors in Bagnall).

While slightly wiser to the techniques involved, our enthusiasm for this annual event remains undiminished.

Our picture is made using the same principles as that surrounding Endon's Well: a clay base is decorated with moss, gravel, bark, flowers and leaves. The two notable differences between the main picture and ours are 1) the size 2) the age of those who have produced it! All of our 3 and 4 year old children have a hand in creating our collage.

Up, up and away!

With silver streaks in hair and nursery alike, this year's picture had to acknowledge our 25th anniversary year!

Clay arrives Clay is pressed into our special frame The clay is edged with moss

Small alder cones are added to the edge We draw a picture on the clay We visit Endon to see how it should be done!

We visit the Well in Endon Gravel is added to fill the picture in Our picture is ready for display!

Our collage in Endon The dressed Well in Endon  

The project takes a nerve wracking week to complete; we're sure you'll agree it was worth it!

2007-05-25 (ISO format)

Well Dressing 2007

Warning! Picture under construction!

Warning! The picture you requested is under construction!

Each year our nursery school children make a collage for display at Endon's Well Dressing. See this year's creative masterpiece in the making!

Getting the picture under way

Budding well dressers in action!

Our 1984 picture, "A castle"

Our 1984 picture (the seeds adorning 1983's offering sprouted before we could get a photo!)



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