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Hallowe'en 2008

TC Club's October half term vacation could not pass without a Hallowe'en party. This year's eerie event fell on Hallowe'en itself. Our very own Miss Simcock braved witches, goblins and ghouls to organise an extremely successful party.

Artwork in the making Ghoulish party goers Rogue's gallery

As ever, the effort to dress the part was fantastic; thank you all for putting on such a good show.

Our pumpkin joins the fun Ghastly goings on Anyone seen the toilet paper?

Mummy's boys Wrapping things up Dressing for dinner

Half way through the party, ghastly gurgles reverberated around the building. Terrified staff halted proceedings abruptly and, with courage and professionalism, set about seeking the source sound. Thankfully, it emerged that the noise was nothing more than empty stomachs reminding the revellers that lunch was due.

The party buffet Haunted house (bingo) Gory games?

Fiendish fun Grizzly games  

Thank you all for making the party so successful. Provided your monsters don't grow too much in the interim, we'll let you use the same costumes next year!


Hallowe'en Party

See pictures of our Hallowe'en Party during the October half term holiday.

Our ghostly pumpkin
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