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Endon Well Dressing (2008)

As the May Bank Holiday Weather prepares to do its worst, Moorland Nursery School's children have been putting the finishing touches to a special project. Each year our nursery school children join with Endon's Well Dressing tradition. They make a clay based collage for display near the Well.

Our Well Dressing collage in the making

Our picture measures approximately 12 by 18 inches. Its construction follows the same principles as that surrounding Endon's Well: a clay base is decorated with moss, gravel, bark, flowers and leaves. The two notable differences between the main picture and ours are 1) the size - the main attraction measures more like 12 by 18 feet, not inches! 2) the age of those who have produced it! All of our 3 and 4 year old children have a hand in creating our collage.

"There's a Froggy in the middle"

This year's picture is.... erm... a Frog, of course ('though you may need to squint a bit to get it). See how we made our picture below. To view many of these photographs you will need a username and password.

Clay is pressed into our special frame Clay is pressed into our special frame Clay is pressed into our special frame

Clay is pressed into our special frame The picture is edged with moss The picture is edged with moss

We draw a picture on the clay We meet Endon's Well Dressers We go to Endon to see them make their picture

Alder cones are used to edge our picture We fill the background with gravel We use gravel to fill the background

Leaves and flowers fill the picture Our picture is ready to take to Endon!  

The finished article has taken a week of frantically paced work to complete. Please be polite and agree the effort was well spent!

If you are interested, there are more details about the Well Dressing on Endon Village's Website.

Last updated 2008-05-23

Well Dressing 2008

"There's a Froggy in the middle and he can't get out": one of our favourite action rhymes.

Each year our nursery school children make a collage for display at Endon's Well Dressing. See this year's creative masterpiece in the making!

Our musical Frog!

The frog in our sensory garden!



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