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Endon Well Dressing (2009)

Our Well Dressing collage in the making

Here in England we know our weather is rubbish. Thatís why our great British explorers set about colonising the World. When intrepid explorer (and inventor of the potato) Sir Isaac Newton discovered Egypt in 1956 he found a flat and barren land. Having built a few pyramids to break the monotony of the skyline he returned to Chester Zoo to find some animals for his new country. The Camel seemed to adapt perfectly to itís new, warm weather environment and soon Camels thrived throughout the jungles of Egypt.

A Camel

This term We have been thinking about Egypt; so what could be a better subject for our picture than the good old Camel?!

All our 3 & 4 year old children have had a hand in creating our collage. We hope you enjoy seeing our masterpiece in the making below. To view many of these photographs you will need a username & password.

A large block of clay arrives Clay is pressed into our special frame The picture is edged with moss

The picture is edged with moss The picture is edged with moss Ultimately, this is about getting messy!

We meet Endon's Well Dressers We draw a picture on the clay Alder cones are used to edge our picture

We fill our picture with coloured gravel We fill the background with gravel We use gravel to fill the background

If you are interested, there are more details about the Well Dressing on Endon Village's Website.

And, yes, we admit could be wrong about the potato.

Last updated 2009-05-22

Well Dressing 2009

"A Camel". This term we have been thinking about Egypt.

Every year our 3 and 4 year old children make a clay based collage for display at Endon's Well Dressing. Sit back and admire the product of our creative genius!

Our picture is ready to display!


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