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TC Club was founded in 1997 to address the growing need for high quality Out of School Childcare provision. The club operates from the award winning premises, Trinity Court in Stockton Brook and is open 52 weeks of the year.

Trinity Court is not only the home of TC Club. The premises also accommodate Moorland Nursery School, an educational pre-school established in 1982. TC Club benefits from sharing much of the staff expertise, administration and resources for which Moorland Nursery School has become renowned.

TC Club provides high quality childcare before & after school and during school holidays. It accommodates children attending local Primary Schools and, in addition, those attending Moorland Nursery School.

We are proud of the excellent reputation that our staff have achieved. TC Club has become known for its ability to produce an informal, relaxed attitude within a caring, safe and secure environment.


Trinity Court is located on the A53 in Stockton Brook between Leek and the Potteries. Trinity Court has a private car park which parents may use and TC Club is very conveniently served by the bus service between Leek and Hanley.

The building was formerly a Methodist Chapel before being refurbished and purpose designed as a childcare facility. Trinity Court now incorporates areas for creative work, television & video and secure play areas (both indoors & out).

TC Club During Term Time

TC Club is open before and after the normal hours of local schools. Trinity Court is ideally located to serve the primary schools of both Endon and Stockton Brook and provides a delivery and collection service during term time.

The primary schools currently served by TC Club during term time are:

The club opens at 08:00 and delivers children for the start of school. Children may also be collected by members of TC Club’s staff when primary schools close in the afternoon. The club runs two sessions after school time - from 15:15 to 16:30 and from 16:30 until 17:45. Children may be collected from TC Club any time between 15:45 and 17:45.

As you would expect, TC Club's transport is insured & equipped for the safe carriage of children. Please see the Parental Information Pack for more detailed information.

TC Holiday Club

TC Club runs a Holiday Club from Trinity Court. The club operates outside Moorland Nursery School's term times and is open from 08:00 until 17:45, Monday to Friday. Children attending are predominantly from the primary schools served during term time. There are, however, many members of the club who attend from schools beyond our collection/delivery catchment area.

The same high quality staff that supervise TC Club during term times are responsible for co-ordinating and supervising the holiday programme. Children may be dropped off and collected at any time during the day. If lunch is required it may be purchased or brought as a packed lunch.

We make every effort to ensure TC Club's holiday times coincide with those of the Primary Schools. Because our service extends to several different schools this may not always be possible. Please ask your school for a copy of their holiday list and for details of additional "Training Days". This will allow you to co-ordinate your childcare arrangements well in advance.

Trips and visits

Among the most popular attractions of the club are the frequent excursions during the holidays. TC Club's older children (age 7 and upwards) have enjoyed days out to the likes of Jodrell Bank, Churnet Valley Railway, Hack Green Nuclear Bunker, Blackbrook Zoological Park, etc. Visit schedules will be posted to parents of children old enough to attend. The schedule is also available from TC Club's main page of the web site.

Our Reputation for Quality

Our staff are undoubtedly our most valuable asset - an asset which has gained us a considerable reputation for quality. The childcare staff responsible for planning and co-ordinating TC Club’s activities are carefully selected for their experience and qualifications. The majority of our staff also hold First Aid certificates. The skill and dedication of these individuals allows them to carefully supervise wide ranging activities in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

The older children attending TC Club appreciate being treated as "Young Adults". We respect their wish and have worked hard to produce an identity for TC Club that is quite separate from that of Moorland Nursery School.

However, we fully understand that you, as a parent, appreciate knowing your child is in the safest of hands. Although informal and good fun, TC Club sessions are carefully guided by qualified staff with considerable expertise in childcare. This guidance, the stimulation of peer contact and the structured activities offered benefit all of the children attending.

TC Club has proved itself to be Safe, Trustworthy, Caring & Fun and is appreciated by parents and children alike.

Children up to 11 years of age are accepted into TC Club. Children will normally leave when they move on to high school although where appropriate for the child (and at the discretion of the supervisory staff) this may be extended until children are 14 years of age.

Session Structure

TC Club aims to provide parents with some of the freedom needed to cope with a modern lifestyle. We offer a wide choice within the framework of our childcare regimes to accommodate the requirements of both parents and children. Access to both Guaranteed and Occasional Sessions provides a highly flexible service that can be tailored to suit the needs of almost everybody.

Guaranteed Sessions

Most sessions are booked in advance on a termly basis. This enables us to Guarantee your child's place with us for the period you have booked. We arrange our staff timetables according to the academic year and require six weeks notice (approx. half a term) before we can reduce Guaranteed Session requirements.

Occasional Sessions

The flexibility of our service means that we are almost always able to accommodate requests for additional Occasional Sessions at short notice. You will appreciate that although these sessions are for your convenience they are subject to availability and cannot be booked more than two weeks in advance.

Session Hours

TC Club is open Monday to Friday, 52 weeks of the year (excluding Bank and Public Holidays). Our operating hours are listed below. (Holiday Club is open during Moorland Nursery School’s holidays only).

  • Early Session - Before School/Holiday Club 08:00 to 09:15
  • Morning Session (Holiday Club only) 09:15 to 11:45
  • Lunchtime Session (Holiday Club only) 11:45 to 12:45
  • Afternoon Session (Holiday Club only) 12:45 to 15:15
  • After School/Holiday Club Session 1 15:15 to 16:30
  • After School/Holiday Club Session 2 16:30 to 17:45

Early Sessions and After School/Holiday Club Sessions are 1 hour 15 minutes. The Morning and Afternoon Holiday Club Sessions are 2 hours 30 minutes and may not be divided. Parents may select any combination of sessions to suit the needs of their children and themselves.


Food & Drink

Children attending Early Sessions will be offered a light breakfast, and those attending After School/Holiday Club sessions, a light tea. Milk and biscuits are provided during the main morning and afternoon Holiday Club sessions.

During Holiday Club hot lunches are freshly prepared on the premises each day and the menu is displayed in the entrance hall. Every effort is made to respect individual dietary requirements.

Packed lunches, if brought, must be in a rigid container and labelled with the child's full name. Children's drink containers routinely spill their contents! For this reason, drinks are provided and should not be brought to TC Club.

Kit List

The only specific requirement is that children have soft shoes with non marking soles. A pair of pumps is a cheap way of achieving this (these can be left at Trinity Court if desired). During the Summer we make use of our outdoor facilities. Some form of sun protection may be sensible (e.g. sunscreen/sun-hat).

Session Fees

TC Club has no retainer fees for holidays when children attend term only, or for term when children attend for Holiday Club only. We are unable to refund fees for absence.

A 10% administrative charge is applied to Occasional Session fees. With the exception of Sibling Discount, discounts do not apply to Occasional Session charges.

Transport Charges for TC Club Sessions

Relocation between local schools and TC Club may be pedestrian with an escort, or vehicular with a member of staff as driver. TC Club’s transport is appropriately insured and equipped for the safe carriage of children. When a child attending a local Primary School is relocated to or from TC Club there is a charge:

  • Relocation Charge, per trip £0.70 (Relocation charges are eligible for Advance Payment and Sibling discounts).

Meal charges

  • Hot lunch, per lunch (in addition to the session fee):- £1.45
  • Meal charges (not session fees) are refunded if cancelled by 09:00 on the day of the lunch.


  • When fees are paid termly in advance, a 5% Advance Payment discount applies. When children attend during school holidays the fees due for the holiday period must be paid at the beginning of term to qualify for this discount.
  • A 10% Sibling Discount applies to session fees where siblings attend concurrently. Relocation charges also attract this discount. One sibling must pay the non-discounted rate. Where fees are not equal the lower fees are those that are eligible for the discount.

Holiday Club fee discounts

  • 10% Discount applies to Full Day attendance (08:00 - 17:45).
  • An additional 10% discount applies to full week attendance (5 Full Days).

Indication of Fees

A full table of fees is not included here.  As a guide, a full day during holiday club costs around £18.00; a full week's attendance costs just under £80. During term time a week's attendance costs a little under £44.00 (delivery and collection for five days). These prices became effective from September 2005 and are subject to change. Please make contact with us for a detailed list of our current fees.


Registration for TC Club is Free of Charge. In order to secure a place for your child please discuss availability with our office team then return a completed registration form. Sessions often fill quickly: please register early to ensure the attendance you need.

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